Thank you Kalimah Johnson, indeed, for all your blessed work and caring…

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Detroit Police crime statistics show that in 2011 there were 427 reported sexual assaults. It’s believed that 50% or fewer victims of rape file a police report. It can take years for victims to recover from the physical and psychological impact of rape and Detroit has only a few rape crisis centers. That lead Kalimah Johnson to organize SASHA, Sexual Assault Service for Holistic Healing and Awareness. Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Marygrove College. She recently spoke with WDET volunteer Lori Robinson about why she was compelled to offer more services to Detroit’s victims of sexual assault.


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“The Campaign to Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking”

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Administration for Children & Families

“The Campaign to Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking”

Contact Information for Coalitions

Rescue & Restore Coalitions exist in several cities and states. To contact a coalition, please see the following chart:

Location of Coalition

Name of Coalition

Lead Organization

Contact Name


Phone Number

Maryland Human Trafficking   Taskforce, Victim Services and Public Awareness Committee Maryland/Statewide Coalition none Sidney Ford 410-262-2014 or 410-377-8111, x126
Baltimore City and surrounding   counties Maryland Rescue & Restore The Samaritan Women Chris Spoonire 410-207-1283
Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut,   Massachusetts, Rhode Island Northeast Coalition Against   Trafficking The Trauma Center

Brookline,   Massachusetts

Cynthia Kennedy 617-232-1303
ext. 322
New York, New York Empire State Coalition of Youth   and Family Services Empire State Coalition of Youth   and Family Services

Brooklyn,   New York

Margo Hirsch 718-237-2722
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Rescue and Restore Covenant House Pensylvania Hugh Organ 215 951 5411
ext 2118
Columbus, Ohio Central Ohio Rescue and Restore   Coalition The Salvation Army in Greater   Columbus Trisha Smouse Trisha.Smounse@
Cincinnati, Ohio End Slavery Cincinnati YWCA of Greater Cincinnati Debbie Porter 513-479-2772
Toledo, Ohio Lucas County Human Trafficking   Coalition none Celia Williamson 419-530-4084
Dayton, Ohio Abolition Ohio, the Rescue &   Restore Coalition in the Miami Valley Abolition Ohio Anthony Talbott 937-229-4326
Kentucky/Statewide coalition Kentucky Rescue & Restore   Coalition Catholic Charities of Louisville Marissa Castellanos 502-636-9263
Nashville, Tennessee Nashville Rescue and Restore Free for Life International

Nashville,   Tennessee

Colette Bercu 1-888-335-8835
Northeast Tennessee No Silence Now No Silence Now

Blountville,   Tennessee

Amber Smith 423-946-8511
Chattanooga, Tennessee Greater Chattanooga Coalition   Against Human Trafficking (GCCAHT) Second Life of Chattanooga Terri Self 423-994-4857
North Carolina/Statewide coalition NCCAHT North Carolina Coalition   Against Human Trafficking Legal Aid of North Carolina

Raleigh,   North Carolina

Caitlin Ryland 919-856-2180 ext. 113
Georgia/Statewide coalition Georgia Rescue & Restore Emory University School of Law,   Barton Child Law Policy Center

Atlanta,   Georgia

Kirsten Widner 404-712-1233
Orlando, Florida Orlando Rescue and Restore   Coalition Florida Coalition Against Human   Trafficking

Clearwater,   Florida

Tomas Lares 407-495-5846
Tampa, Florida Tampa Bay Rescue and Restore Florida Coalition Against Human   Trafficking

Clearwater,   Florida

Giselle Rodriguez 727-442-3064
Sarasota County (Florida) Sarasota Rescue and Restore   Coalition Florida Coalition Against Human   Trafficking

Clearwater,   Florida

Giselle Rodriguez 727-442-3064
Manatee County (Florida) Manatee County Rescue and Restore   Coalition Florida Coalition Against Human   Trafficking

Clearwater,   Florida

Giselle Rodriguez 727-442-3064
Brevard County, Florida Space Coast Rescue and Restore   Coalition Florida Coalition Against Human   Trafficking Tomas Lares 407-495-5846
Greater Birmingham and northern   Alabama Freedom to Thrive Southeastern Network

Birmingham,   Alabama

Tammy Hopper 865-521-7131
Baton Rouge, Louisiana Rescue and Restore Coalition Cyrus International

Baton   Rouge, Louisiana

Amanda Ferguson 225-754-5915
Oklahoma/Statewide coalition Oklahomans Against Human   Trafficking Humans (OATH) Oklahomans Against Human   Trafficking Humans (OATH)

Oklahoma   City, Oklahoma

Mark Elam 405-523-3508
Houston, Texas Houston Rescue and Restore   Coalition Houston Rescue and Restore Maria Trujillo 713-874-0290
Chicago, Illinois Illinois Rescue & Restore Illinois Department of Human   Services Lisa Fedina 312-793-0014
Detroit, Michigan Michigan Rescue and Restore   Coalition Global Project for Hope, Help and   Healing Pamela Hudson 313-205-7300
Minnesota/Statewide coalition Rescue & Restore Coalition Civil Society

St.   Paul, Minnesota

Linda Miller 651-291-0713
/Statewide coalition
Wisconsin Rescue & Restore Practical Strategies, Inc.

Milwaukee,   Wisconsin

Mary Jo Joyce 262-334-1821
St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis Rescue and Restore   Coalition International Institute of St.   Louis Suzanne LeLaurin 314-773-9090
x 150
Central Missouri Central Missouri Stop Human   Trafficking Coalition Central Missouri Stop Human   Trafficking Coalition

Columbia,   Missouri

Deb Hume 573-884-3757
Idaho/Statewide coalition Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and   Domestic Violence Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and   Domestic Violence

Boise,   Idaho

Kelly Miller 208-384-0419
Portland, Oregon Oregonians Against Human   Trafficking Catholic Charities

Portland,   Oregon

Chris Killmer ckillmer@
503-542 -2855
x 40
Pacific Northwest (Washington,   Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Northwestern Idaho) Northwest Coalition Against Trafficking   (NWCAT) Soroptimist International   Northwestern Region Michelle Bart 626-644-3472
Washington/ Statewide Washington Anti-Trafficking   Response Network International Rescue Committee

Seattle,   Washington

Kathleen Morris 206-623-2105
Las Vegas, Nevada Network of Emergency Trafficking   Services (NETS) of Las Vegas Salvation Army

Las   Vegas, Nevada

Lauren Hermosillo Lauren_Hermosillo@
x 230
Colorado/Statewide coalition Colorado Network to End Human   Trafficking (CONEHT) Colorado Organization for Victim   Assistance (COVA)

Denver,   Colorado

Lauren Croucher 303-996-8087
New Mexico/statewide coalition New Mexico Rescue and Restore   Coalition New Mexico Organized Against   Trafficking Humans Dr. Susan Travis 575-937-0294
San Francisco, California San Francisco Rescue & Restore SAGE Project, Inc.

San   Francisco, California

Mollie Ring 415-358-2737
Fresno, California Central Valley Against Human   Trafficking Fresno County Economic   Opportunities Commission Fresno, CA Ronna Bright 559-268-1045
Contra Costa County (California) Contra Costa County’s Zero   Tolerance for Human Trafficking Coalition Contra Costa County, Martinez, CA Juliana Granzotto 925-313-1591
Sacramento, California Sacramento Rescue & Restore   Coalition Sacramento Employment &   Training Agency (SETA) Mary Jennings 916-263-1555
Southern California California’s Key-2 Freedom   Alliance Coalition to Abolish Slavery and   Trafficking (CAST)

Los   Angeles, California

Vanessa Lanza 213-365-1906
San Diego, California San Diego Unity Coalition Bilateral Safely Corridor   Coalition

San   Diego, California

Marisa Ugarte 619-336-0770
Puerto Rico Coalicion del Caribe contra la   Trata Humana Florida Coalition Against Human   Trafficking Karla Gonzalez 787-528-1550


Marygrove Campus News

The Michigan Peace Team (MPT) will present the 2012 MPT Community Award to Marygrove College’s Master in Social Justice program in admiration of the program’s commitment to scholar-activism and gender equality. 

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