Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition



The Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition
We are Advocates and Abolitionists Against Human Trafficking

The Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition is about “Building Bridges” with other organizations committed to combating Human Trafficking in all its ugly form.
We are available and willing to work alongside other agencies, non-profits, governmental and civic groups, churches, para-churches, social services and health departments.
To raise awareness of this atrocity with an expectation that will foster ideas, programs, services to individuals within the city, region and state with knowledge on the journey toward eradicating Human Trafficking!


8 thoughts on “Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition

  1. RE: Public Corruption, Drug deaths and Human Trafficking…

    Help US End/Stop Public Corruption, Drug deaths and Human Trafficking…
    Please find attached herewith our latest Motion and its Brief, filed by our attorneys recently with the State of Michigan 27th District Court, in pdf file for your personal review regarding the latest example of the local community’s continued battle Downriver, in Wayne County, with ongoing public corruption, drug deaths and human trafficking issues. We, many of us in the community, have tried for the last 6-years, since the tragic deaths of our children, to raise the awareness and help our families, friends and neighbors. How are we to understand or explain why those of us who stand-up, speak-out and want to help, are literally being forced to stop, keep quite, or just walk-away, because of or by and through the very same fraud, force and coercion tactics used by other ongoing criminal enterprises or activities that are causing our social demise? We really do need to work together for the benefit of all parties concerned.
    Respectfully submitted via emails, online and on our blogs in support of the Towle family, downriver communities and all our friends,
    Richard A. Sands, Ret. PI
    Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition
    (AhEeCOSH) Investigative Reporter
    734-771-7251 Fax: 734-281-4087

  2. Charges announced in “Backpage.com Murder Investigation”
    (Detroit-WXYZ) – “We just want justice. We want closure,” said Chikita Madison. “We have waited 4 months.”
    Her daughter 23-year-old Renisha Landers and Renisha’s cousin 24-year old Demisha Hunt’s bodies were found in the trunk of a car in Detroit in December.
    Saturday Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy announced charges against one man in connection with what police are calling the “Backpage.com Murders”
    James Brown, 24, of Sterling Heights will be charged with Dead Bodies-Disinternment in connection with the homicides of Hunt and Landers.
    Brown has also been charged with several arson charges including the arson of a dead body in connection with the murders of two other women. Natasha Curtis, 29, and Vernithea McCrary, 28, both of Detroit were found in the trunk of a burning car on Christmas morning.
    Brown is expected to be arraigned today at noon in 36th District Court.
    The prosecutors office says no further details will be provided at this time, as the homicides remain under investigation.
    Read more: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/home/charges-announced-in-backpagecom-murder-investigation#ixzz1u0nuXhwH

  3. Help US End/Stop Drugs, Guns and Human Trafficking ZX/ZY-Solutions: Please Repost, Repeat and Share the Awareness
    Bing Search “sob-csc.org” Bing Search “AhEeCOSH” Bing Search “4preventiondghtnews.com” Bing Search “richard-a-sands.blogspot.com”
    Google Search “sob-csc.org” Google Search “AhEeCOSH” Google Search “4preventiondghtnews.com” Google Search “richard-a-sands.blogspot.com”
    Yahoo Search “sob-csc.org” Yahoo Search “AhEeCOSH” Yahoo Search “4preventiondghtnews.com” Yahoo Search “richard-a-sands.blogspot.com”

  4. http://community.herewomentalk.com/
    Justice Thursday on Here Women Talk Radio
    11am-12pm EST (8-9am PT) BROADSIDED with Hosts Vicki Childs and Carol Baker~ Who better to give us insight and commentary on the recent Secret Service hooker scandal than a former agent? Return guest Don Tucker would be that man. With disturbing details emerging daily that this may not have been a one-time-only occurrence, we’re hoping Don is willing to shed some light on the mysterious Secret Service. And, we recently mourned the passing ofBilly Bob Neck, so Paul Day has agreed to come on the show to give us some insight into Billy Bob’s life and why he had to die. Paul may also reveal what he is planning next. Oh goody! ((LIVE)) Chat-in or Call-in 877-500-9387 (Read More)
    Recently, the nation was somewhat taken aback by the recent scandal involving Secret Service agents buying sex while abroad. Now that we’ve all gotten over the shock of men far from home, away from their families buying sex (end sarcasm), it’s time to have a discussion on what really happened and what the long-term ramifications are on the Agency. Who better to ask than retired Secret Service Agent and author of his autobiography The Two-Edged Sword, Donald W. Tucker. This is Don’s second appearance on BROADSIDED. We love talking to him because Don brings an historical perspective to this topic like no one can. We’ve also got several other things we’d like to discuss with him, like racism in modern-day America and how it’s shaping virtually every topic related to the news.

  5. http://www.freep.com/article/20120501/NEWS01/120501062/Detroit-murders-women-found-in-trunks?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CFRONTPAGE
    Police name 2 men persons of interest in murders of 4 women found in trunks
    Police today took two men in for questioning in connection with the murders of four Detroit women — including three who had ties to an online classifieds website featuring escort ads — and have executed a search warrant on a home in Sterling Heights, an official said.
    On two occasions in December, women were found dead in car trunks — first cousins Renisha Landers and Demesha Hunt and then friends Natasha Curtis and Vernithea McCrary. Police have said three of the women had ties to Backpage.com.
    “We see a direct link between them and the girls,” he said, declining to go into specifics.
    [B]ackpage.com attorney Steve Suskin wrote in a statement that nearly two dozen websites that include escort ads were linked to the investigation into the women’s deaths. The statement said Backpage.com provided police with detailed information about 70 different escort ads appearing on 22 other websites, but did not say how many of the victims were believed to be involved in those other ads.

  6. Richard —
    Great news: In spite of opposition from most Republicans, earlier today the Senate voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Thank you for standing up in support of it.
    This is the first time in history that any senator has voted against reauthorizing it — and one of them was Marco Rubio, a frontrunner for Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick.
    Next, the bill goes to the House. House GOP leaders will introduce their own version of the Violence Against Women Act.
    S. 1925: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2011 (On Passage of the Bill)
    Number: Senate Vote #87 [primary source: senate.gov]
    Date: Apr 26, 2012 (112th Congress)
    Result: Bill Passed
    Related Bill: S. 1925: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2011
    Introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy [D-VT] on November 30, 2011
    Current Status: Reported by Committee

  7. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=rtt94scab&v=001XLulP1S4AUQ6QrbM9t6-wqLKgZiojt9Xec_MxDV4PD36NmCFW9sqW0efd562qU6WetQAxM5mdpF-gXQqXDmnGnZDbf3ZWk9HhMz-4XO72GTOZBQ3kcscjAVORvyWlb39W26aXld2b29ceBTFEr0y4zKem9mOLW-9Iu9qwWG514M%3D
    You’ve been busy! We’re currently tracking over 200 bills in nearly 40 states that will change the landscape of child sex trafficking in America. We couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for taking your state Report Card to your legislator and encouraging policy reform. Thank you for creating petitions to call on your legislator to prioritize this issue. Thank you for hosting community meetings to discuss how you want to bring change to YOUR state! In November 2012 we’ll release the 2nd Annual Protected Innocence Challenge Report. We’re hopeful that many states will have raised their grade. Until then, keep up the good fight!
    The Global Movement
    Call us over-achievers, but we’re just getting started! Last week Linda Smith, President and Founder of Shared Hope, presented the keynote address at a gala in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to raise awareness and funds to combat sex trafficking in the state. With the funds they raised, Baton Rouge has purchased a home for girls 17 years and older to serve as a shelter and caring environment for the young women to heal from victimization. Shared Hope’s policy director participated in a panel discussion on international human trafficking hosted by the American Bar Association in New York City. We joined the Victims’ Rights Caucus in Washington, D.C. to present the issue of sex trafficking in America to inform and inspire new advocates. We recently hosted the State of Change dinner for Washington advocates and anti-trafficking leaders to celebrate the state’s committment and progress in ending child sex trafficking, most notably through its recent effort to end the online facilitation of child trafficking.

  8. http://www.law.umich.edu/clinical/HuTrafficCases/Pages/searchdatabase.aspx
    Welcome to the Human Trafficking Law Project (HTLP) database. Launched in February 2011 by the Human Trafficking Clinic at Michigan Law School, the HTLP is the first publicly available database of human trafficking cases within the United States. Through the HTLP, the Clinic hopes to help strengthen anti-trafficking laws in the United States and to support government officials, law enforcement, and practitioners who are working on behalf of human trafficking victims.

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