Training Campaign

Online Training: Working with Law Enforcement

An effective and comprehensive response to human trafficking requires advocates and law enforcement to work together and establish a clear understanding and respect for what advocates can and cannot do and what law enforcement can and cannot do.
This online training created by Polaris Project is recommended for service providers who interact with law enforcement and are seeking to build an understanding of how law enforcement is structured and operates. The training outlines the role of law enforcement in combating trafficking and explores best practices for building partnerships with local, state, and federal law enforcement.  For additional online trainings, click here.

Interactive Trainings

The following trainings are interactive. Click on the link below to start. To begin the training and listen to the voiceover, click Play. You may also click Pause to click through the slides and navigate the session at your own pace. The voiceover text will appear in the Notes tab on the right. *Please note that to view you will need audio, video and Adobe Reader 9 (or higher). These trainings are not currently compatible with Google Chrome – please use another web browser. Please allow a few minutes for the training to load.

Pre-recorded Webinars

Please find below, links to select pre-recorded webinars originally hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services Anti-Human Trafficking in Persons Division from 2007 to the present. Click on the link/videos below to watch and listen.

*Please note that certain internet browsers may require that you download additional plugins to view the video content.

Human Trafficking Conference 2012

Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition – Human Trafficking Conference 2012 “Taking Steps to Eradicate Slavery: Revealing the Truth, Recognizing the Crime, Preparing a State to Fight for Justice”

On April 13-14, 2012 the Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition will host a Human Trafficking Conference on the campus of Great Lakes Christian College with workshops and keynote speakers to address and help give insight to this topic.

Dr. Robert Hagerty, president of Mercy for the Children-Myanmar, York Moore from Intervarsity Fellowship as he shares what Our Epic Quest entails, hear from Richard Sands retired PI who was hit with the horror of trafficking first hand. Learn from workshops presenters with expertise addressing how corporations can help end trafficking by law professor E. Christopher Johnson, Cooley Law School or what the federal government is doing with a presentation by Amy Allen and James Klawitter of ICE.   What about helping the children by therapist & adjunct professor Dr. Sabrina Black and Nikki Jackson. Hear from Laminda & Denise  share about male trafficking in their homeland of Sri Lanka or from Andy Sopher who has a passion for working with runaways and homeless and what treatment and prevention is needed.

Registration for students with ID is FREE. Educators only $10, General Public $20. All proceeds will be used to help the Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition fight, advocate and dispense information on the needs in Michigan on trafficking. The Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition is about “Building Bridges” with other organizations committed to combating Human Trafficking in all its ugly form. We are available and willing to work alongside other agencies, non-profits, governmental and civic groups, churches, para-churches, social services and health departments. To raise awareness of this atrocity with an expectation that will foster ideas, programs, services to individuals within the city, region and state with knowledge on the journey toward eradicating Human Trafficking!

DHS Blue Campaign Announces New Human Trafficking Trainings Human Trafficking Awareness Training Human trafficking is a hidden crime, and the first step to combating it is to identify victims so they can be rescued and help bring their perpetrators to justice. The Blue Campaign has developed awareness and training materials to help increase awareness and educate on the indicators of human trafficking. Individuals To learn the indicators of human trafficking and how you can report it, take our general awareness training. Take the training Take 5 minutes over a cup of coffee with your family, friends or colleagues to learn about Human Trafficking and what you can do to help stop it. Take the Human Trafficking “Coffee Break” Training (PDF, 1 page – 250 KB) Business As an employer or employee, find out what you can do to help fight human trafficking. You can take the individual training and you can also review the Blue Campaign Toolkit. You will also be able to download the Toolkit and forward it to your employees, colleagues, or industry association members to help raise awareness about human trafficking and the Department’s resources. Take 5 minutes over a cup of coffee with your family, friends or colleagues to learn about Human Trafficking and what you can do to help stop it. Take the Human Trafficking “Coffee Break” Training (PDF, 1 page – 250 KB) Law Enforcement We have collected a series of training resources from across the federal government as well as our private-sector partners to help train law enforcement officers on the indicators of human trafficking. Learn more. Federal Employees The Combating Human Trafficking Training for Acquisitions Personnel is specifically tailored for the U.S. Government acquisition workforce on combating human trafficking using the pertinent provisions of the federal acquisition regulations (FAR). The FAR provides remedies for the acquisition workforce to use against contractors who engage in human trafficking, including debarment. | view trailer | take training (login required)


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    Get Equipped to Lead the Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery!
    Join us for our annual Advocacy Workshop and Lobby Day, April 15- 16 in Washington, D.C.
    Join us on Sunday, April 15, for our annual Advocacy Workshop to connect with other activists from your home state, and learn how to turn your elected Members of Congress into anti-trafficking champions!
    On Monday, April 16, IJM will host a Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, open to a limited number of participants. We’ll take our message to Capitol Hill, where you’ll meet with your elected Members of Congress to share that Americans care about eradicating modern-day slavery and want our government to make this issue a priority.

    Michigan Rescue and Restore Coaliton offer
    Hands That Heal Training to Help Survivors of Trafficking in Michigan
    Hands That Heal Curriculum for Survivors of Trafficking
    at Wayne County Community College District Northwest
    Campus 8200 Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48219
    Register by calling 248.560.7210
    Certificates of Participation will be given for completion of all
    Become an Advocate &
    Learn What You Can Do to Help Victims of Trafficking! or call 248.560.7210
    FREE TO THE PUBLIC ! Bring your bag lunch or snack. Become equipped to restore a life!
    Presenters: Dr. Sabrina Black, Michigan Rescue and Restore, Vice Chairperson, Pamela J. Hudson, Michigan Rescue and Restore, Project Director, Dr. Nicole McGee, FBI Victim Specialist

    The Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition
    We are Advocates and Abolitionists Against Human Trafficking
    We have a clean slate to forge ahead to create, develop, establish and build the coalition to be more impactful in raising awareness, educating and equipping our community to take action and bring about change as it relates to trafficking in our state.
    Together we shall become the “Difference Makers” imploring our legislative branch to become more engage in actions to persecute criminals of trafficking and strengthen our resolve to not allow it to fester in our state. Urging and providing help to our law enforcement to protect and serve with knowledge and insight for the victims of this crime. Arousing our colleges and universities to get involved in a new way being a dynamic voice for justice!. Shifting our neighbors, family and friends to see the reality of this injustice and join forces with us to undo the wrong against women and children in our cities, region and state.;;;;;;

    Welcome to Ace – Association of Club Executives
    Repeating, reposted and shared; Thank you…
    COAST (Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking) is an ACE National program designed to educate the industry about human trafficking. We have trained over 1,600 people since our inception.
    ACE National paired with local and federal law enforcement—to police our clubs and uphold personal security and human rights—as we believe these are pillars of liberty in the U.S. that strengthen the foundation of freedom. COAST ensures that men and women make a choice to work in our industry and do so without force, fraud or coercion.
    COAST training results in real improvement for the fight against human trafficking by educating those who may encounter a victim and arming them with the actions steps needed to recognize, report and rescue a victim.
    For more information about hosting a COAST Training Session in your area,
    please call: 202-220-3019.

    The Salvation Army’s U.S. Anti-Trafficking Training Manual
    The training manual provides seven easy to follow hour-long sessions, which include facilitator notes, as well as small group learning exercises. The sessions can be adapted for shorter training times. In addition to the training exercises, a comprehensive resource directory CD contains sample assessment forms, facts on human trafficking, a guide for lawyers, and extensive contact information on the many agencies working to assist trafficking victims. The full manual may be downloaded by clicking here. To download the Spanish version of the training manual, click here. To obtain a copy of the resource CD, please contact Penny Matheson at 703-647-4780 or at

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