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Uploaded by RSNSINTL on Aug 4, 2010

Stephanie Brown: 1989/2007 just 17 years young

Victim(s) of Drug and Human Trafficking; great granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, sister, friends and family… who is Helping US End/Stop Drug, Gun and Human Trafficking?

Always Remember 2 “LOOK BENEATH THE SURFACE” National Human Trafficking Resource Center, 1-888-3737-888 www.acf.hhs.gov/trafficking

Corporations, foundations, government agencies, and individuals provide critical resources to support The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s mission, touching the lives of families nationwide. http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/


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  1. Human Trafficking PART 1 – Happening In Your Own Backyard?
    Hundreds of thousands of young women have vanished from their everyday lives, forced by violence into a hellish existence of brutality and prostitution. The’re a profitable comoodity in the multi-billion dollar industry of modern slavery. The underworld calls them human traffic. This film stars Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland and Robert Carlyle.

  2. http://www.usmwf.org
    Thursday and Friday, April 19 and 20, 2012 -were not typical days for folks in DC around health and safety matters. That’s because a historic alliance of families, injured workers and other activists swept through the town with appeals to improve worker health and safety protections. They spoke about their own personal losses and experiences and demanded change. The group of activists participated in a press conference, Senate hearing, meeting with OMB and DOL
    At the meetings both family members and workers shared their powerful and moving accounts; urging agencies to move forward on needed rules. This reminded everyone that the delays in rules have real impacts on workers. Families told them how frustrated they were by the delays in key safety and health rules and urged them to do their job and move forward on the silica rules and other rules without delay. “After three major explosions, including the one my brother died in, and all the other people killed, I just assumed that someone would do what was needed to fix these problems, and I can’t believe that here we are in 2012 and we still don’t have a solution” said Tammy Miser.
    Everyone, except the Chamber appreciated the opportunity to hear from workers and family members. Family members and victims poured their hearts out at every meeting and commanded attention and respect. Their written testimonies are available in the attached documents. Families from USMWF and workers from USW, Bricklayers Union, UFCW , NY PEF and others participated in the meetings as well as staff from National COSH, AFL and CTW Unions.
    As we prepare for this year’s Worker Memorial Day activities, this reminds us of the impact of families of lost loved ones, injured or ill workers and all the groups fighting for more worker rights in health and safety can have to “Fight for the Living”.

  3. Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition – Human Trafficking Conference 2012 Part II
    Richard Sands, Ret. PI – President/CEO, Stephanie’s Place… 11 years ago, while finishing his undergrad degrees at Madonna University in Pre-Law and Criminal Justice, he investigated two horrific homicide cases with multiple victims as a criminal investigative paralegal. It was the beginning of his journey into the shadows of prostitution, drugs and the adult entertainment industry.
    This 2012 Human Trafficking Awareness Conference marks the 5TH Annual “Hands Holding Stephanie” event where Mr. Sands has shared his 17-year old granddaughter’s story about being sex-trafficked at a local strip club, taken to a motel down the street, and given narcotics that caused her death.
    Stephanie’s gone, but we can all continue to provide anti-human trafficking, modern-day slavery awareness through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership programs to help each other end/stop the worldwide suffering going on in our own back-yards… Help US end/stop drug, human and gun trafficking by reposting, sharing and repeating our prayers, hopes and dreams of saving one more child…
    Richard A. Sands, Ret. PI
    (AhEeCOSH) Investigative Reporter
    734-771-7251 Fax: 734-281-4087

  4. St. Augustine of Hippo by I am Crucified with Christ
    Accepted by most scholars to be the most important figure in the ancient Western church, St. Augustine was born in Tagaste, Numidia in North Africa. His mother was a Christian, but his father remained a pagan until late in life. After a rather unremarkable childhood, marred only by a case of stealing pears, Augustine drifted through several philosophical systems before converting to Christianity at the age of thirty-one. At the age of nineteen, Augustine read Cicero’s Hortensius, an experience that led him into the fascination with philosophical questions and methods that would remain with him throughout his life. After a few years as a Manichean, he became attracted to the more skeptical positions of the Academic philosophers. Although tempted in the direction of Christianity upon his arrival at Milan in 383, he turned first to neoplatonism, During this time, Augustine fathered a child by a mistress. This period of exploration, including its youthful excesses (perhaps somewhat exaggerated) are recorded in Augustine’s most widely read work, the Confessions.

  5. Repeating, reposting and sharing: Jacob’s Story is a mini-documentary about a man that once made his living by trafficking women & children for the purposes of commercial sex. Jacob worked as a trafficker for a crime syndicate in Johannesburg South Africa. We decided to release his story because of how raw it is. In this film, he speaks openly about his work as a brothel manager and he explains how syndicates all over the world operate as they exploit the weak and powerless. Most importantly, you’ll hear about the life transformation that’s taken place in Jacob’s life. From trafficker to rescuer. Only in the Kingdom of God. Jacob is living proof that when the Gospel changes the hearts of men; everything changes.

  6. Repeating, reposting and sharing: Rachel Cook-Zobeck joins WakePeopleUp.com in the fight against sex trafficking. With “Everyone Wakes Up” – Rachel’s performance as singer/songwriter/pianist helps bring to light this hidden, world wide struggle, affecting millions. Special thanks go out to all the wonderful Humanitarian Photographers and contributors who have helped in this production.

  7. http://herewomentalk.com/rip-stacie-hwt-member-murdered-by-boyfriend
    Repeating, reposting and sharing: We can never know what goes on behind closed doors, what demons people face, and the hardships they endure. Clearly, Stacie was a victim of ongoing abuse. (If you’re a victim or know someone who is, I urge you to visit DocumentTheAbuse.com.) So let this be a reminder to all of us to open our hearts and minds, not be too quick to judge others, and offer a smile or friendly hello to everyone. Because you never know what hell they might be suffering.
    And now I offer this video which seems appropriate given the few details I know about Stacie’s life. She felt moved by this video, writing, “Oh my, this video is unbelievable … I went threw more than one hanky…what a wonderful video…”
    Dedicated to Our Soldiers & Family – plz “Share” – Rhema “Note To God”

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